Work with us

At GEL Proximity, we are always looking for young talent who want to join our Team to experience incredible growth. The world of Proximity Logistics today is a crucial, ever-evolving industry that needs talent and energy. Are you ready?

Getting together is a beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together a success.

An incredible journey where talented individuals can develop new skills and consolidate their experience in an accelerated environment. The GEL Proximity onboarding program includes intensive shadowing in all areas of the company to enable each new resource to accelerate ramp up.

We work every day with the goal of creating innovative technology solutions for more efficient and sustainable Proximity Logistics. If you have talent and are eager to embark on this journey with us, you can send us your unsolicited application.

Performance and sense of responsibility

We strongly believe in the sense of responsibility that every resource must necessarily have to work in our Team. Performance orientation is not solely a business requirement, but we believe that each of us must be able to walk our own stretch to deliver the best possible result to our teammate.

And we do this in a highly flexible environment where it doesn’t matter how much time you devote or where you work from. The truth will always be the results you bring.

Open positions

All functions are currently covered.

We are a fast-moving and growing Team, please keep this page constantly monitored.