GEL Proximity

The first pickup

point platform

A single connection, tens of thousands of Collection Points for a more efficient and sustainable Logistics

GEL Proximity is the world’s first technology that places Last Mile Logistics at the center of the purchasing process, directly managing the relationship between checkout and Proximity solutions to pick up or return parcels.

Increases turnover
GEL Proximity reduces your checkout abandonment rate by enabling new solutions for pickup and return
Improves shipping costs
With 100% success on the first delivery attempt you can streamline your Logistics by reducing cost and time
Reduces technology costs
A single integration with a single technology manager managing all connections to the Collection Point Networks
Help the environment
Choose the environmentally friendly solution: parcel collecting system helps reduce CO₂ emissions

eCommerce solutions: shipping and pickup alternative to home delivery

92% of online consumers demand alternative delivery options to home delivery. With GEL Proximity you can immediately offer your customers more than 45,000 Pickup Points operated by major national operators.

The GEL Proximity network consists of newsstands, stationers, post offices, lockers, tobacconists, stores, and gas stations. All Collection Points are enabled for both receiving packages and sending returns-what are you waiting for? Try it now!

Hub and urban spaces serving carriers and logistics operators

GEL Proximity is also a technology open to the needs of carriers and logistics operators who want to use multiple urban solutions to decouple goods.

You can easily enable hundreds of urban Hubs where you can receive, collect, and sort last-mile shipments with the operational support of GEL Proximity Partners.

Turns a network of stores into Collection Points

Turn a Network of Stores into Collection PointsThe technological capabilities of GEL Proximity allow you to transform a chain of physical stores into a Network of Collection Points instantly connected to the world of online sales.

Do you have a Retail Network or operate a chain of franchise stores? Do you want to increase in-store footfall? Join the largest community of Pickup Points in Italy!

Already use GEL Proximity

GEL Proximity helps the Planet

The last mile is the stretch that impacts the environment the most compared to the entire logistics process.

GEL Proximity is a more sustainable solution to the problem of logistics-related pollution, in part because of the parcel collecting system. But that’s not all. In fact, the use of Collection Points and Lockers guarantees 100 percent delivery on the first attempt, zeroing out empty trips and reducing costs and CO₂ emissions.

The largest library of integrations dedicated to Proximity services

Integrate over 45,000 Pickup Points in just a few clicks and get ready to manage new logistics solutions. You can connect GEL Proximity using our dedicated libraries and APIs or by downloading the module from your eCommerce software’s marketplace.