Include our GEL Proximity SDK

Download the official GEL Proximity SDK and integrate it on your eCommerce to enable your users to ship and make returns to your preferred Network Pickup Points via an optimized user experience.

  • optimized and customizable on-map experience
  • streamline your logistics with Proximity Pickup services
  • reduce your eCommerce checkout abandonment rate
  • h24 technical support

Get in touch with tens of thousands of Return Points

With the technological support of GEL Proximity you can:

  • build and manage a customized network of Pickup Points
  • increase your store’s checkout conversions
  • reduce cart abandonment rates
  • incorporate new logistics propositions to improve customer experience
  • improve overall shipping costs
  • merge Click & Collect services with activated Points of Proximity
  • take advantage of simple and immediate Reverse services
  • reduce technology and maintenance costs through a single integration
  • support the environment with lower CO₂ impact deliveries.
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Learn about GEL Proximity Plans

Decide whether you want to rely entirely on the experts at Last Mile to provide your customers with the best shipping and storage services in Proximity, or whether you want to use only the retainer services of the enabled Collection Points


Choose which Pickup Points to enable in your territory and activate only the warehouse services. If you are a carrier you will continue to ship using your fleet, if you are a logistics operator you can use your carrier agreements.

  • use your corporate fleet
  • use your personal contracts with couriers
  • enable shipments and returns at thousands of locations
  • filter locations and choose where to enable Points
  • enable insurance services for storage only
Discover STORAGE

Rely on GEL Proximity for total last-mile shipment management. You can allow your customers to customize package pickup and return by choosing the Pickup Point that best meets their needs.

  • use GEL Proximity’s pre-negotiated rates.
  • use your personal contracts with couriers
  • enable shipments and returns at thousands of Points
  • set your own warehouses, boxes and schedules
  • enable insurance services on your checkout