Build your own Proximity

GEL Proximity is the first aggregator of Collection Points with a Proximity Network consisting of tens of thousands of newsstands, stationers, post offices, lockers, tobacconists, stores and gas stations. Register to activate major Collection Point Networks in just a few clicks and select the regions and geographic areas where you ship the most.

Get in touch with tens of thousands of Retreat Points

With the technological support of GEL Proximity you can:

  • build and manage a customized network of Pickup Points
  • increase order conversions at your store checkout
  • reduce cart abandonment rates due to logistical reasons
  • optimize overall shipping costs
  • incorporate new logistics propositions to improve customer experience
  • merge Click & Collect services with third-party Proximity Points
  • take advantage of simple and immediate Reverse services
  • reduce technology and maintenance costs through a single integration
  • support the environment with lower CO₂ impact deliveries.
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A “client-centric” Logistics

With GEL Proximity, your customer is always at the center: he or she will choose the preferred Pickup Point and will be notified when the package is on its way and can be picked up. The shopping experience will never be the same again thanks to the personalization of Delivery with which the customer will be able to choose the best solution based on his needs and movements.

Thanks to agreements with the best operators you can immediately take advantage of the main Proximity services in more than 200,000 Pickup Points already activated. GEL Proximity is software that is invisible to the eyes of your customers who will continue to see you as the only reference in their purchasing and package receiving process.

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Returning a parcel to thousands of Collection Points

GEL Proximity helps you build a robust Reverse service with tens of thousands of active Collection Points in Proximity where your customers can easily get rid of their packages.

We’ve designed a very simple custom return portal that requires no integration: create your branded page from the back office, set your terms, and send the link to your customers with detailed instructions to enable them for the service. Easy, highly customizable just a click away!

Or you can use Reverse’s API to integrate GEL Proximity’s open source technology to your liking.

Comprehensive, no strings attached, for all tastes

Are you an eCommerce or Marketplace? The DELIVERY plan is suitable to meet the needs of large and small stores.


Rely on GEL Proximity for total last-mile shipment management. You can allow your customers to customize package pickup and return by choosing the Pickup Point that best meets their needs.

  • use GEL Proximity’s pre-negotiated rates.
  • use your personal contracts with couriers
  • enable shipments and returns at thousands of Points
  • set your own warehouses, boxes and schedules
  • enable insurance services on your checkout

The largest library of integrations dedicated to Proximity services

Integrate over 200.000 Pickup Points in just a few clicks and get ready to manage new logistics solutions. You can connect GEL Proximity using our dedicated libraries and APIs or by downloading the module from your eCommerce software’s marketplace.