No fixed costs, no strings attached

Choose whether you want to activate only storage services at enabled Pickup Points or rely entirely on experienced last-mile operators to provide your customers with the best shipping and storage services in Proximity


Choose which Pickup Points to enable in your territory and activate only the warehouse services. If you are a carrier you will continue to ship using your fleet, if you are a logistics operator you can use your carrier agreements.

  • use your corporate fleet
  • use your personal contracts with couriers
  • enable shipments and returns at thousands of locations
  • filter locations and choose where to enable Points
  • enable insurance services for storage only
Discover STORAGE

Rely on GEL Proximity for total last-mile shipment management. You can allow your customers to customize package pickup and return by choosing the Pickup Point that best meets their needs.

  • use GEL Proximity’s pre-negotiated rates
  • use your personal contracts with couriers
  • enable shipments and returns at thousands of Points
  • set your own warehouses, boxes and schedules
  • enable insurance services on your checkout



Save on shipping by incentivizing your customers to choose Pickup Points

GEL Proximity’s technology has no surprises: you pay for what you actually consume and there are no top-ups on balance. Shipping in Proximity includes all the services provided in Home Delivery but at a single rate.

GEL Proximity
All inclusive price
Home delivery
Attempted delivery
* GEL Proximity offers a standard rate schedule based on a staggered system for which the price improves according to the number of shipments made monthly in Proximity.

The advantages of pay per ship

There are no fixed fees to use GEL Proximity technology, and you only pay for the shipping or storage services actually provided:

  • no fixed fees
  • all in one Platform, with no surprises at the end of the month
  • using your personal contracts with couriers you pay a fee per LDV
  • using pre-negotiated rates you pay for the full service
  • you choose whether to absorb shipping costs or share them with your customers
  • …and a set of many other features to customize Proximity services!
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The largest library of integrations dedicated to Proximity services

Integrate over 200.000 Pickup Points in just a few clicks and get ready to manage new logistics solutions. You can connect GEL Proximity using our dedicated libraries and APIs or by downloading the module from your eCommerce software’s marketplace.