More energy in last-mile management

Every day hundreds of Logistics professionals ponder how they can make their supply chain more efficient by optimizing last-mile deliveries. GEL Proximity is the gateway to Urban Hubs and independent networks of Pickup Points with which you can design new, more sustainable last-mile services.

A boon for those handling high volumes of parcels

Finally, you no longer have to contact networks one by one, open new tenders and test SLAs among dozens of new providers. By activating the STORAGE Plan you can enable customers to use thousands of independent physical Pickup Points and Lockers while keeping your shipping agreements with your carriers intact or continuing to use your corporate fleet.

With integration to GEL Proximity’s warehouse services, you can immediately deliver packages and pick up returns at all enabled Pickup Points. The technology is free and you pay a fixed fee for each parcel that passes through the enabled Pickup Points.


100% certain delivery and parcel collecting

GEL Proximity technology is dedicated to optimizing first- and last-mile processes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire logistics chain that characterizes the order-delivery cycle, encouraging the adoption of alternatives to traditional home delivery.

Efficient logistics is lifeblood. GEL Proximity promotes a reduction in the number of stops per tour through the parcel collecting system and enables a reduction in the percentage of missed first-time deliveries through the exploitation of Decoupling Points on which to redirect deliveries.

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The largest library of integrations dedicated to Proximity services

Integrate over 200.000 Pickup Points in just a few clicks and get ready to manage new logistics solutions. You can connect GEL Proximity using our dedicated libraries and APIs or by downloading the module from your eCommerce software’s marketplace.