Urban hubs to make the last mile more efficient

The growth of eCommerce and Logistics-by-Piece requires innovative last-mile logistics solutions that allow working on parcel collecting systems and thus optimize deliveries.

There are many existing spaces that can become real logistics assets and be used as small decoupling points, according to modern sharing economy logic.

Decoupling points for more efficient and sustainable delivery

Finally you can integrate urban spaces in which to sort parcels to make delivery to the end customer more efficient. With GEL Proximity you can:

  • enrich your network with new urban Proximity micro-hubs
  • efficiently bring parcels closer to the final delivery point
  • enable a number of already active operators for urban delivery
  • enable your own “green” micro-delivery service
  • reduce emissions associated with last-mile delivery

GEL Proximity technology enables you to enrich the distribution network of logistics operators and couriers with a click!

Hub urbani

Independent Pickup Points for unencumbered deliveries and pickups

With GEL Proximity, you can count on an extensive network of businesses where you can deliver and pick up parcels while continuing to manage logistics independently. You will also be able to improve your company’s operations in this way with certain deliveries on the first attempt and the zeroing of costs for parcel storage and rework.

Collecting Points will enable your end customers to easily pick up and return goods, also enriching their perception of your logistics services. With the support of Urban Hubs managed by GEL Proximity Partners you can finally design new flows and a new customer experience.

Watchword: efficiency!

Are you a logistics operator or transporter? The STORAGE plan is suitable for making your Logistics efficient.


Choose which Pickup Points to enable in your territory and activate only the warehouse services. If you are a carrier you will continue to ship using your fleet, if you are a logistics operator you can use your carrier agreements.

  • use your corporate fleet
  • use your personal contracts with couriers
  • enable shipments and returns at thousands of locations
  • filter locations and choose where to enable Points
  • enable insurance services for storage only
Discover STORAGE

The largest library of integrations dedicated to Proximity services

Integrate over 200.000 Pickup Points in just a few clicks and get ready to manage new logistics solutions. You can connect GEL Proximity using our dedicated libraries and APIs or by downloading the module from your eCommerce software’s marketplace.