TNT Point

A networks with around 1.200 Pickup Points

The TNT-Fedex network consists of about 1,200 Pickup Points between small proprietary branches, Buffetti stationery stores, and other affiliated businesses. The network makes it possible to receive goods and documents without having to wait for the courier to pass by your home and to be able to make the choice of on-site payment by COD.

Tens of thousands of Pickup Points immediately available for your business

With the technological support of GEL Proximity you can:

  • build and manage a customized network of Pickup Points
  • increase order conversions at your store checkout
  • reduce cart abandonment rates due to logistical reasons
  • optimize overall shipping costs
  • incorporate new logistics propositions to improve customer experience
  • merge Click & Collect services with third-party Proximity Points
  • take advantage of simple and immediate Reverse services
  • reduce technology and maintenance costs through a single integration
  • support the environment with lower CO₂ impact deliveries.

The largest library of integrations dedicated to Proximity services

Integrate over 30,000 Pickup Points in just a few clicks and get ready to manage new logistics solutions. You can connect GEL Proximity using our dedicated libraries and APIs or by downloading the module from your eCommerce software’s marketplace.